I am currently working as Head of Sales Operations, Business Analysis, Technology and Product at AUTO1 Group.


Telecommunications Engineer by the Universidad Politécnica in Madrid in 2003, Master of Science in Information Technologies by the University of Stuttgart (Germany), and Executive MBA by IE Business School, I started my professional career in Germany, working as trainee for SONY International. When I graduated I joined the team as R&D engineer in the field of haptic interfaces, working with haptic robots. Back in Spain I entered the companyIndra Sistemas, where I started as a junior engineer and after a couple of promotions I ended up as project manager for high-tech maintenance programme at the International Department in Homeland Security Systems. The logic step was accepting a job as International Director at Grupo Tecopy, a civil engineering group, and when I considered my stage there was finished I went back to the technology sector by joining bq as Innovation and Robotics Director, where I created the 3D Printers department. Shortly after I got the chance to join Bultaco Motors both as a small investor and team member, and it became the project of my career, where I learned, suffered and enjoyed as never before. Sadly, when it was clear we didn't meet product-market fit, I left and joined AUTO1 Group.

In parallel, I have been linked since 1998 to several eBusiness projects. First of all came Farmavida.com, where I learned about teamwork, web programming, marketing... and through which I first saw my name on a newspaper. Economically it was really bad, but I recovered all that missed sleep and study hours years later, when I launched two successful projects: TiendaMB.com and, above all, TiendaSmart.com.


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I was born in 1979 in Córdoba, Spain, although I couldn't barely enjoy the city because my parents lived at that time in Valencia. When I was one year old, we moved to Madrid, where I started at the kindergarten and then continued at a nun school, what left its marks. At the Patrocinio de San José I was launched to the university and met wonderful people.

I said "launched" because there it is where I first took BASIC lessons, at lunch break, and I caught a computer science bug. The school counselor then named Telecommunications Engineering ("it is like Computer Science, but cooler") and that's why it ended up as my choice after school.

The university changed my life. I learnt there what it was to fail an examination, to be better than everyone else at another one, to share hobbies in a club, to get to know different cultures thanks to the Erasmus programme, and meet who later became my husband as we were both interns at the same department.

But what really became a milestone in my life was the experience in Stuttgart. Besides increasing my English knowledge and learning German, I had the chance to be independent, learn to live on my own and, in the end, start being who I am.

My hobbies, which I try to involve in my professional life, include technology (I am a geek) and cars, specially innovative ones (smart and Tesla)